What people are saying

We've been fortunate to work with some amazing people all over the world.

Tim is a Product ninja. His knowledge and passion for Product is obvious, and it really comes across in his coaching. Tim has been mentoring me in Product Management for the past few years now, and I have taken so much from our sessions together.

With Tim's guidance, probing questions, logical thinking and depth of expertise in this area, I feel more confident in my own ability. He's a great sounding board, and always makes me think of things from a user perspective, as well as balancing it with the needs and constraints of the business. Under his mentorship, I feel I can really go forth and build great product that users will love.

Nicky Hard, Agile Lead at Xero

Suhel has been a mentor of mine for over a year and I've benefited greatly from his time. My sessions with him always open up new options I hadn't considered and inspire me to dig deeper as a Product Manager. His wide set of experiences are very valuable as I find the problems I need to discuss are typically ones he has dealt with in the past as well. Finally, Suhel is always kind and non-judgemental. He's easy to talk to and I feel I can raise any issue and talk about mistakes freely.

Alitia St Pierre, Product Manager at Storypark

Tim is an empathetic product coach. I had a chance to work with him as part of product guy mentorship program. Highly recommend!

Surbhi Gupta, Senior Product Manager at Tesla

Tim is a very experienced Product Manager and a very good coach. He is very kind and humble as a person. He has helped me cruise through most of the problems I have had in managing my product teams and stakeholder relationships, which are critical to the success of a PM and yet something that most PMs struggle with. He has an ability to make you realize your blindspots subtly and push you towards proven solutions/approaches.

His guidance has made a lot of difference in my approach towards product problems, leadership and team building. His able support has pushed up my confidence in my ability to build a product team that works efficiently without much friction.

Akshat Agrawal, Senior Product Manager at Snapdeal

Tim knows good Product Management. More than that though, he is deeply passionate about helping both individuals and organisations mature in how they build products. Tim knows how and when to challenge assumptions and ways of thinking so that they get better at 'doing product'.

Tim was my first real Product Mentor, helping me define my Product career goals and how I could get there. He helped me learn the basics of the role, but more importantly, he helped me learn how a Product Manager should think, how they should focus on the outcomes and change what they want, rather than just thinking about the next feature on a backlog.

Jonathan (Jono) Elkin, Head/Director of Product at Melon Health

Tim’s approach to coaching is a perfect balance of active listening, ability to implement tools, techniques, frameworks and agile practices that help us truly focus on the problem/s we are trying to solve.

His breadth of experience allowed him to speak to a variety of subjects that came up in our product team meetings which was always appreciated by the team. Enabling us with confidence and skills to deliver great outcomes is core to his teaching.

Many thanks for your guidance Tim.

Peace Munro, Senior Product Manager at Trade Me

Tim hired me to work in my first formal product management role, and gave me an incredibly solid foundation to grow from.

As a coach and mentor he knows how to adapt his style for the person he's working with, making lessons stick, and he guides while giving you the space to learn from your mistakes. He builds your confidence, your skillset, and your passion for the craft all at once.

As a product manager he knows how to solve problems. I learned from Tim how to balance quant, qual, and instinct, and that if you have the right product process in place - and follow it - you're likely to get results.

He manages to be simultaneously pragmatic, caring, and fun to work with. It's a rare combination.

Christian Linnell, Senior Product Owner at Department of Internal Affairs

I pose the question to you: Why haven't you hired Tim yet?

I worked very closely with Tim during his time at Yahoo!7. He is a very dedicated and passionate person. His large scale project experience spanning multiple countries and companies made him a perfect fit for the every day challenges that my team faced. He was very quick to bring order where order was due, define processes and deliver above and beyond.

Tim was a fantastic mentor for me and many others, he was asked countless times to assist different people in the challenges they faced. Each time there was an effortless resolution formed.

To this day the processes and learnings that he bought to the team are still being used. This is a man that feeds on challenges.

Jared Mooring, Head of Engineering Practice at GfK