A little about us

We're a small team with a heap of experience in product management. We love helping people develop and grow. Cheering from the sidelines as you and your teams create amazing value and experiences for your customers and your organisations.

Tim Nunn

I love helping people reach their goals. At work, my happy place is spending time with individuals and with teams who have aspirations to develop and grow both personally and professionally.

Having had a number of great coaches and mentors myself over the years, I've seen first hand the value they can bring. When my coach is my #1 fan, I know I can do it!

After a few years as a software developer, my product management career kicked off in the early 2000's when it was all pretty new. Since then I've been lucky enough to work at some amazing companies around the world including Yahoo! in London and Sydney, Microsoft (Skype division) in London and Trade Me, Kiwibank and Datacom in NZ.

My more recent roles have been in product leadership with a strong emphasis on coaching product managers and teams. This work inspired me to create Next Level Product Coaching so I can help more product people be the best they can be.

I'm a Kiwi currently living in the beautiful Cotswolds region of the UK with my wife and three boys. Outside of work I love mountain biking, reading and spending quality time with family and friends.

Suhel Mangera

I am passionate about helping people reach their unique potential.

I get deep satisfaction from seeing the success of people, teams and businesses and knowing that I helped them in a small way along their journey. My goal is to empower you and look forward to the moment where you are ready to embark on the rest of your journey on your own.

Why do this? Some of my best successes have come about with the help of my mentors, managers and coaches. They helped me navigate through challenging situations and “taught me to fish” so that I could go out on my own in future. I’ve been lucky to have great people guide me in Cricket, Chess, data, analytics, product management and leadership. I’ve learnt much and want to give back.

I have over 14 years experience working with data, analytics and three of those years doing machine learning. For the last six years I’ve done product management at Trade Me, Storypark, ImpactLab and Xero. I have diverse experience and a skill set that spans early stage product development, building empowered product delivery teams, establishing continuous customer discovery and blending quantitative and qualitative insights. I apply my knowledge to coach and mentor product people to do their best work.

At home, I am blessed to spend time with my life partner and two troublemakers. During weekends, we’re often out walking in nature, playing games or watching something interesting.